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Quick Answers

Where are you located?
The Visit Us page contains driving directions and a map to our location.

Why can't I open or view a link to an Adobe PDF file?
Please see the Help page for assistance with viewing PDF files

Where can I get a Dakota County Plat Book?
Purchasing a Dakota County Plat Book

Do you charge for any services?
We do charge for some services to off set internal costs. Please refer to our fee schedule for more information.

Where can I get a Dakota County Soil Survey?
Old Soil Survey Books are available at the SWCD Office for viewing or photocopying. The Natural Resource Conservation Service has updated the Dakota County Soil Survey which is now available online: http://websoilsurvey.nrcs.usda.gov/app/.

How do I get my soil tested?
Soil Test Kits are available from the University of MN Extension Office for both Lawn and Garden or Farm Field use. There is a $17 fee for standard tests. Contact the Extension Office at 651-480-7700 for more information. Online: http://soiltest.cfans.umn.edu/

What should I know before purchasing land in Dakota County?
You should know what types of soils are present and whether hydrology of some kind (wetlands, wet soils, waterways) is present. These factors can impact the suitability of property for building and may be associated with local ordinances.

Can you recommend a consultant or contractor?
We have assembled a reference list of local contractors and consultants. The Dakota County SWCD does not promote or endorse any of the included businesses or services. All work must meet SWCD standards and specifications to receive approval and/or cost share assistance. This contractor list is not exclusive, there may be additional contractors not listed that are capable of completing your project. The Dakota County SWCD is not responsible for any innaccuracies present. The list can be made available upon request at our office or by mail.

Do I need to register my feedlot?
Please refer to the Feedlot Program page for more information on registration requirements.

I have a lowland area on my property. Is this a wetland?
Lowland areas may be wetlands. For more information refer to the Wetlands information page.

How do I get my water tested?
Water Test Kits can be picked up at the University of Minnesota Extension and Conservation Center Office. Basic tests cost $32. Kits can be dropped off at the Extension and Conservation Center on Tuesdays before 10 am. For more information call 651-480-7749.

Are we monitoring any creeks, ponds, lakes, streams or rivers in Dakota County?
Many waterways and waters of Dakota County are monitored to some degree by various organizations. The SWCD actively monitors portions of the Vermillion River and Chub Creek for water quality, among other factors. Please refer to the Watershed Management section of the website for more information.

How do I get rid of unwanted plant or algal growth on the surface of my pond?
There really are no solutions other than to get water moving by installing a fountain or adding a plant herbicide to kill the growth. Herbicides need to be approved by the EPA for surface water use. You can research the use of herbicides online or by visiting your local nursery or garden store. Prior to any course of action, ensure all landowners or easement owners (if applicable) over the entire pond approve any method chosen to reduce vegetation growth. You should also check with your local community to make sure no permits are needed.

Who should I contact with questions regarding the planting and care of trees and shrubs?
You can contact the University of Minnesota Master Gardener's Program or call the University of Minnesota Extension Office at 651-480-7749 to speak directly with a master gardner.

Do you have historical photography available?
The SWCD has a large amount of aerial photography available for a sampling of years from 1937 to the present available online. Please see the Aerial Photography page for more information or visit the Dakota County Interactive GIS Map now to see what's available.

Where can I find FSA Slides?
Please see the Aerial Photography page for more information and to view them online.