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Awarded Grants and Projects
The LMRWMO has applied for and been awarded State of Minnesota grant funding for implementation of water quality improvement projects. Below are current and past grants and projects undertaken by the LMRWMO.

FY-2018 - Cherokee Heights Stormwater Management and Ravine Stabilization
FY-2016 - Internal Phosphorus Loading Control: Lake Augusta and Sunfish
FY-2016 - Thompson Lake Stormwater Improvement Project
2012-2013 Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies (WRAPS) Project

Additional Grants
Metropolitan Council Stormwater Grants
Seidl's Lake Tree Trenches
Lilydale SAFL Baffle

Conservation Corps Crews
Conservation Corps provides hands-on environmental service opportunities to young adults.

Available Homeowner Grants
The LMRWMO offers grants for Raingardens, Native Gardens, and Native Shroreline Restorations through the Landscaping for Clean Water Program implemented by the Dakota County SWCD.