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Water Monitoring

LMRWMO Water Monitoring Information:
2014 Summary of Historic Lake Monitoring
2012-2013 Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program Presentation

Water Quality Monitoring Map:
The Minnesota Surface Water Data Access Map provides information on all past surface water monitoring sites and assessed waters throughout the State of Minnesota.

Lake Water Monitoring
2017 Pickerel Lake Monitoring Report
2017 Sunfish Lake Monitoring Report
2017 Thompson Lake Monitoring Report
2016 Pickerel Lake Monitoring Report
2016 Lake Augusta Monitoring Report
2016 Thompson Lake Monitoring Report
2015 Pickerel Lake Monitoring Report
2011 Results of Monitoring on Dickman and Schmitt Lakes

Stream Water Monitoring
2018 Stream Monitoring Summary

Be a Citizen Water Monitor!
Do you live near a lake or stream in Minnesota, or visit one regularly? You can help gather vital information about the health of our water resources. Volunteers measure the clarity of lakes and streams, collecting valuable data used to make decisions on watershed protection and restoration. For some lakes and streams, data collected by volunteers are the only data available, making this work indispensable.

To sign up, Contact Us or visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Citizen Water Monitoring website.