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WRAP Study

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In 2012 and 2013, the LMRWMO will be spearheading a project to gain a better understanding of five lakes and to engage the residents that live around or near these lakes. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is funding the project through the Clean Water Land and Legacy Act to study the water quality and pollution sources of Thompson Lake in West St. Paul, Pickerel Lake in Lilydale, Rogers Lake and Lake Augusta in Mendota Heights, and Sunfish Lake in the City of Sunfish Lake. The project, called a "Watershed Restoration and Protection (WRAP) Study," will result in restoration plans for lakes with poor water quality, and protection plans for lakes with good water quality. (Some people may know this types of project as a TMDL or total maximum daily load study.)

The scientific component of the WRAP Study includes monitoring water quality and water levels, surveying aquatic plants, and collecting data from the sediment at the bottom of the lakes. The data collected, along with computer modeling, will be used to determine where certain pollutants are coming from within the watersheds that drain to these lakes. From there, restoration plans will be developed to help guide cities, citizens, the LMRWMO and other entities in the cleanup of these water bodies. A technical stakeholder group will track the science and implementation components of the WRAP study.

Another component of the WRAP Study is centered around civic engagement. The LMRWMO aims to help watershed residents gain a better understanding of their connection to the lake in their community and to learn from the residents about their motivations (or demotivations) for improving or protecting these waters. A survey of the residents in each lake's watershed will help gage the understanding of residents. Addtionally, a series of community conversations will allow for a dialog about each lake among residents and resource professionals.

Please see the materials below for more information about the WRAP Study.

Link to FINAL WRAPS Study and TMDL Report and EPA Approval Letter

Implementation Workshop:
Implementation Workshop Presentation: WRAPS Overview and Results
Implementation Workshop Invitation
Pickerel Lake WRAPS Fact Sheet
Thompson Lake WRAPS Fact Sheet
Lake Augusta WRAPS Fact Sheet
Rogers Lake WRAPS Fact Sheet
Sunfish Lake WRAPS Fact Sheet

Resident Survey Results:
Pickerel Lake Survey Summary
Rogers Lake Survey Summary
Sunfish Lake Survey Summary
Thompson Lake Survey Summary

Information for Residents:
Community Conversation #3 Meeting Notes
Community Conversation #3 Presentation - Opening and Survey Results
Community Conversation #3 Presentation - Como Lake Neighbor Network
Community Conversation #3 Invitation (09/05/13)
Community Conversation #2 Meeting Notes
Community Conversation #2 Presentation
Community Conversation #2 (April 16, 2013) Invitation
Community Conversation #1 Meeting Notes
Townsquare TV Story on Community Conversation #1
Community Conversation #1 Presentation
Community Conversation #1 (Nov 15, 2012) Invitation
Thompson Lake Info Flyer
Rogers Lake Info Flyer
Pickerel Lake Info Flyer
Sunfish Lake Info Flyer
WRAP Study Map

Technical Stakeholder Group (TSG):
12-05-13 Presentation
05-01-13 Meeting Presentation
09-06-12 Meeting Presentation
WRAP Workplan
WRAP Budget
WRAP Timeline
Study Map